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“Be still, and know that I am God.”
Psalm 46:10
We are continuing our trend from last week with a call from God to just be still. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we would just take a step back and let God take control of our lives. We tend to struggle with this. Why? The answer to that question is easy. It is hard for us to let someone else have control of our situation.

Here’s the cool thing. God is always in total control of every situation. Our duty is to just give our problems, issues, and battles over to Him. We are all going to go through rough and troubling times in our lives. We may seem invincible, but trust me we are the farthest thing from it. This world is GOING to beat us down, so how do we respond?

It’s quite simple actually. This verse tells us how to do so. Just be still, because God is God and there is no greater thing in existence. Give your worries and battles over to the one who not only saved the world, but even thought of us enough to save our own souls. All God calls us to do when storms arise is to be still, and let Him have complete control of this hectic thing known as life. Be still and give God the battle!

Challenge for the week: This week our challenge is very simple, just trust the plan that God has or you in this life. He is leading you in the right direction.

Questions to ask ourselves: Why is it so hard to give my battle over to God?

Prayer: “Lord, help me to be more trusting in you. God help my worries and doubts be calmed by the evidence of your love and control of my life. Lord help me to be still as you reign. In your holy name, amen.


“The Lord shall fight for you, be still.”
Exodus 14:14
What a comforting passage we find in the old testament book of Exodus. As Christians we will be beaten down, battered, and persecuted for our beliefs in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. The world will try to drag us down and away from our daily walk with Christ, but we have to stand tall and seek God in all situations. No matter what battle you may be going through, we can look at this verse and understand that we have Almighty God as the leader of our army. God has called us to be still, to rest, and to give all of our troubles to Him.

We as humans are so weak, but with Christ fighting for us he will give us the strength we need to overcome any foe no matter how big they may seem. Think of David vs. a Champion foe named Goliath. He defeated Goliath, but the stones didn’t kill Goliath, David’s faith in God is what defeated the Philistine foe. We start fighting our battles by giving them over to God and having faith that He will deliver us from the battle. When you give the battle to God don’t ask for it back. Give it to Him and hide behind Him.

We are called to be still which means we let God take total control of the situation because we simply cannot fight the battles of this world on our own. I recall a time when my dad was battling cancer. I kept trying to take matters into my own hands, trying to find a sense of peace. It didn’t work. The moment I gave this life changing battle over to God I immediately had an overwhelming sense of peace. Even when the Lord called my dad home I had peace about it. If we want that peace then we must be still, give God the battle, and let the Savior of the world fight the battle for us. The only thing we are called to do, is to be still.

Challenge for the week: When a storm (whether big or small) rises up this week, be still and give it to God. Meditate on His living word.

Questions to ask ourselves: What can I do to be still and let God have this battle? How can I prepare myself for any battles in the future?

Prayer: “Lord help me to be still when battles arise. I give you control Lord, prepare my heart for any battle or storm that may rise up in my life. In your holy name, amen.


“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, But fools despise wisdom and instruction”
Proverbs 1:7
In this passage we shouldn’t get the word “fear” confused in meaning that we are terrified of God. Think of this more as a parental fear. Think about your father, you are to obey what he says and if you don’t there is destined to be punishment. I remember a time I disobeyed my dad. We were playing soccer when I was young and he kicked the soccer ball past me, so I turned a round and made a derogatory gesture at him. Needless to say I got a spanking because I showed a lack of respect towards my father.

     God is the same way, we are to show God the absolute upmost respect in all that we do. After all, He is the savior of the world and the eliminator of our sins. We should fear letting God down, the toughest part about that statement is that we are all going to let Him down on a day to day basis because of our sins. When we fear the Lord this is the beginning of knowledge. As a Christian there is only one available source as to where to gain knowledge of God, and that is our Bibles. God’s word is a living word according to Hebrews 4:12 which means it gives us knowledge, wisdom, conviction, and correction which are all essential to our walk with Christ.

     The later part of this verse is maybe the toughest part to swallow. We all want to live our own lives and figure things out on our own, however we need to give our battles to God. When we walk away from God’s wisdom and instruction (which comes from the Bible) we severely damage our walk with Christ as this makes it easier for Satan to drag us down into this world and away from Jesus Christ. We must constantly be seeking the knowledge of God and not be afraid for God to eat our lunch.

Challenge for the week: Seek out the Word of God this week. Dig into His word everyday.

Questions we need to ask ourselves:
Am I walking as close as I should be with God?
Do I fear God’s correction?
What can I do to improve my walk with God today?

Prayer: “Lord please correct us through your living word. Help me to walk a closer walk to you and to let people see you living through me. In you name, amen.”

-Bro Jonathan

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