8585 Highway 109 N, Lebanon TN

8585 Highway 109 N, Lebanon TN

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  1. Lisa says:

    Hello I am trying to find out about who you help and if there is an age limit, because this year hasn’t been the best for my family. In February of this year I had to be hospitalized two times for stent placements. I’ve had issues with my heart since 2010 and they informed me that there is one of the main arteries in my heart that is 100% blocked and they can’t do anything with that one at this time because my veins are so small that as of now they just changed and added new medications and if I have any more issues with my heart the next step would be open heart surgery. My doctor advised me to file for disability and I now have a lawyer helping me with that. My husband works, but there has been times over the last couple months that they have been cutting hours. This makes it very hard with our kids, because they are 17 and 19 and are a junior and senior in high school. The cost of having two high school kids aren’t cheap. So I am trying to see if you help families with children of that age. If not do you know where I can get help, because the human services age limit is 16. Thanks in advance, Lisa

    • Dennis Starr says:

      Thank you for reaching out to us. We have never set an age limit on the children that we serve. The items we receive for our toy store are all donations. We have no way of knowing what all will be donated to us. In the past we have had a few things for older children. You are more than welcome to come and see what we have. I would also like to let you know that we have what is called a “Blessing Box” located at the entrance of our property. It is stocked with food items that have been donated. Please feel free to come and take what you need from the box at any time.

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